I commissioned illustrations for this brochure and worked with  the designer on a new, easy-to-follow depiction of the Robin Hood model.
A new publication that I devised, “I Am Robin Hood,” presents the many ways that individuals can fight poverty in New York City—not just by making financial contributions.
For Robin Hood’s 2009 annual report, I worked with a photojournalist to tell stories about the people served by our organization.
For Robin Hood’s 2008 annual report, I convened clients, staff, board members, and others for group photographs showing the depth of our engagement with grantee organizations.
This map was created to show marathoners that all along the course, there are poverty-fighting organizations funded by the dollars they raise by “racing for Robin Hood.”

The Robin Hood Responds campaign, which I named and helped to shape, included emotional 
stories about some of the people we helped.
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